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  • Small pellets burner
  • Small pellets burner
Small pellets burnerSmall pellets burner

Small pellets burner

  • Type:HF-15
  • Calorific value:130000(kcal)
  • Combustion fan:120W
  • Energy consumption:10-32KG/H
  • Product description: Small pellets burner

Small pellets burner


1. It burns wood pellets with diameter 6-8mm.It ensures an efficient andlow-emission combustion.

2. OKK Produced of high-grade stainless steel,it withstands temperatures up to 1200.The built-in CPU-controlled unit, automatic, cleaning system and internal auger manager the burner operation for optimum efficiency.

3. STB thermostat (option)

Technical Parameters:

name model HF-3 HF-5 HF-10 HF-15
Power range(KW) 10-35 20-50 50-100 80-130
Calorific value(KCAL) 30000 50000 100000 130000
Combustion fan 45W 65W 90W 120W
220v/50-60HZ 220v/50-60HZ 220v/50-60HZ 220v/50-60HZ
Burner 160mm 160mm 200mm 200mm
Burner furance High temperature resistant stainless steel pipe
Burner cover Galvanized sheet
Igniter 600W/220V/50HZ
Storage Size 400*400*700MM 550*550*800MM
Wooden pellets Length:6-8mm length:10-30mm
Capacity (kg) 50 50 100 100
Burner rate above>=95%
Energy consumption 2-8KG/H 3-10KG/H 6-20KG/H 10-32KG/H
Heating area 180-350M² 350-500M² 500-800M² 900-1200M²
Feeding power  220W/0.52A/220V/50-60Hz
Control Mode Control unit
Dimensions(mm) 320*300*550 330*300*550 350*320*580 380*350*650
Burner weight 23kg 24kg 27kg 30kg
The above parameters for technical improvement,if there is a change in the factory actual shall prevail.


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